How to protect your cosmetics and skincare

As we all know, cosmetics and skincare have an expiration date. Many of us don’t really pay attention to the expiration dates of these products, and as long as you preserve them right, it’s actually not that big of a deal. As long as you don’t use them when they’re way too long past the expiration date you’ll most likely be fine. But what if there was a way for you to preserve your cosmetic and skincare products in a different and better way?

Glass and plastic

You probably have a good amount of skincare and cosmetics that you preserve in a jar or bottle. Depending on what brand you buy you’ll either get a glass or a plastic jar or bottle. The difference between these two is the amount of sun and the sustainability of these two materials. As you probably know, plastic is a huge problem in the world, it ends up on the street which hurts animals, it ends up in the sea which hurts other animals, this is not what you want to achieve with just throwing your products away, right?

Glass packaging is already more sustainable. Most of the glass packaging is sustainable, about 50% to 80% is recyclable. The recycle process of glass also saves energy because cullets melt at a lower temperature than raw materials do.

Preserve your products

A glass packaging is already so much better than any form of plastic packaging, either hard plastic, or soft plastic, neither is good. Plastic is not sustainable at all. So right now you’d want to look more into the products with glass packaging. There is a certain type of glass that is also better for your products. It’s called ‘miron glass’, miron glass isn’t the dark brown or see through/white glass you all might know. Miron glass is a black colored glass that turns purple by a small amount of UV light that can come into the glass bottle. This type of glass doesn’t let direct sunlight in, which makes it impossible for the sun to dry out your products. The glass does leave room for the good light that in fact energises the organic molecules that are in the products that are stored within one of these glass packaging.

What kind of packaging

No matter what kind of packaging you prefer, whether it’s a bottle with a glass pipette, a jar with a screw on lid, a bottle with a screw on lid or some sort of pot, there are many different variations of this form of packaging. Something for everyone. You’d have to put in your own products, but I think that isn’t too much of a struggle.