Bill Gates’ Secret to Success

William Henry Gates III or better known as Bill Gates is an important figure behind the founding of one of the world’s technology giants, namely Microsoft. Based on Forbes Real-time Billionaire data, Gates is currently the 5th richest person in the world.

To achieve this position, Gates did not immediately get it just like that. He has to work hard and dedicate his whole life to achieve success.

Then what are the secrets and keys to success of a Bill Gates? The following reviews are quoted from Diplomat Success.

Hard Work

Each of us knows that hard work is the first step that must be taken in order to be successful. Because, there will be no hard work that betrays the end result.

When just starting his career, Bill Gates is known to have an extraordinary work ethic and does not like vacations. According to his co-workers, Bill Gates was very often working late into the night at the start of the company.

In fact, his secretary once thought that he fainted while visiting the office on the weekend. Even though he was resting for a while.

Have Great Ambition

In order to be successful, one must have big ambitions. With ambition, a person will be more motivated to achieve that success.

Bill Gates himself is also known for his ambition. Without big ambitions and only relying on hard work, of course the success he achieved today would not be a reality.

Thirsty for Learning

The thirst for power or wealth is not a good attitude. However, if you are thirsty for knowledge and want to always learn again and again, then this attitude can lead a person to success.

That’s what Bill Gates has always done. He is known to be able to read 50 books a year and always devotes an hour a day to study.

Because, by reading books, you can find various perspectives or different points of view. Thus, your knowledge of the world becomes more extensive.


The secret to Bill Gates’ success was done so that questions arise about the work problems he is experiencing and to find out how to find solutions to these problems.

In fact, according to research from the University of Texas in 2014 said, self-reflection can increase learning abilities. Let your imagination and mind expand to find new ideas.


The last secret as well as the key to the success of a Bill Gates is consistency.

According to Bill Gates, to be a successful person requires a fearless mentality and belief in what you are doing. In this way, future targets will be easy to achieve.