3 ways to make sure the value of your motorcycle doesn’t decrease

If you’re someone who is a great admirer of motorcycles, you know that if you don’t take care of them well the value will definitely decrease. If you own a motorcycle you will probably feel the need to keep the motorcycle valuable in case you want to sell it. You might even make the motorcycle a family item and it’ll be with your family for a couple more generations. Once someone does end up selling it, the value is important. How do you make sure it keeps its value?

The parts

One of the most important things you need to remember when you have to get your motorcycle fixed, make sure you get it fixed right. Now you might be wondering what ‘fixing it right’ means, it means that you have to get it fixed with original parts. Get OEM motorcycle parts so the parts are from the original manufacturer and you even get a warranty with the parts in case it’s necessary. That way you know for sure your motorcycle has the right original parts. And when it does have the original parts, it doesn’t lose its value, especially not when all the parts are put into place right as well.

The color

When the motorcycle ends up with a scratch on it, that is of course no problem. Make sure that, when you get that fixed with a paint job that they use the right color and the right brand. When this doesn’t happen the chance of the value decreasing is very high. Sometimes the color is hard to get, then you shouldn’t get it fixed at all. In some cases the value doesn’t decrease as much as you might think when talking about scratches on the paint work on the motorcycle.


And of course one of the most important things when it comes to the value, is the type of motorcycle you have. If you have a type that is made a lot, the value you expect might not be what you’ll actually be getting. The value of these types of products increases with rarity. If there were very few motorcycles made with that specific type, it’s a collectors item. For that reason, the value will go up as well. When you have a rusty old motorcycle that is a collectors item, the chances are that the rust doesn’t even matter as much as the fact that the motorcycle itself is very rare.