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What does food mean to you? Actually, the process of eating means different things to different people. It’s just a physical need and necessary component of productive life for some, whereas it is a reason for living for another.

But don’t go to extremes and let’s take up this issue only in a positive way. Eating food, especially when it is something delicious, original, and exclusive brings bright emotions, so we prepared for you the top places you should visit in Denver to enjoy the local cuisine.

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One of Denver’s most popular dishes is the Colorado delicacy known as the Rocky Mountain Oyster. The point is that it is not the regular seafood; it is the testicles of a bull calf that are typically sliced and served deep-fried. We recommend visiting Buckhorn Exchange and order a whole or half portion of the delicacy with horseradish dipping sauce.

Also, you can try the version that’s cut into small bites, fried, and then served with tangy cocktail sauce at Morrison’s the fort. If you don’t like such exotic food, try Mile High Green Chili and feel the taste of Mexico right away. Visit the restaurant La Loma that is located in the heart of Downtown Denver and you will immediately fall in love with this spicy dish.

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Basically, all our   encompass visiting and tasting such unique foods. The Mile High City is really known for the wide range of places with amazing service and delicious cuisine. Check our site. Select your favorite Denver tour and we will send you all detailed information regarding the trip. Our guides are ready to show you all the diversity of the Mile High City including its gastronomic world.